Books to inspire your next DIY project

Nothing says ‘DIY’ like being stuck at home for months at a time. With more and more people spending extra time at home, DIY is finally trending. Now is the perfect time to ask your partner to make the bar he’s being going on about, or to get your wife to paint the feature wall in the lounge! Here are some books to help you with the next DIY project and hopefully inspire some projects to come!

‘Three Birds Renovations’ (Erin Cayless, Bonnie Hindmarsh, Lana Taylor)

This book is written by three fairly normal women who gave up their high-powered careers and traded them for a life of social media fame – by renovating houses and showing off their designs on Instagram and Youtube. They had big dreams that didn’t always work out but they tried, tested and reapplied these ideas until they turned into a DIY-ers dream! This book showcases their best renovations and gives helpful and simple to follow hints and ideas for those looking to catch the DIY-bug.

‘Renovate 1970’s’ (Alide Elkink)

This handy guide was written specifically for owners of homes built in the 1970’s. Although it was written for New Zealand homes, many Aussie DIY aficionados will find this book insightful and useful as they approach renovating their own 1970’s home while ensuring it keeps the classic charm they love so dearly. One of the things that sets this book apart are the many 3D drawings that showcase the projects and ideas within the book, allowing you to clearly see changes before you apply them to your own home.

‘DIY Bedroom Decor’ (Tana Smith)

A handy step by step guide for 50 projects you can make to spice up your bedroom decor! If you love the styled bedroom displays at Kmart and Target you will enjoy this read, with plenty of opportunity to make use of the items gathering dust in your shed! Tana uses everyday tools and materials and breaks each project down into small manageable steps to ensure you get a perfect finish, every time!

Grand Designs Australia (Bauer Books)

Based on the popular television show, this book showcases the highlight homes from the show. This book features 24 homes that have been renovated or completely revamped on the show with the goal of inspiring DIY-ers to dream big and aim high with their housing dreams! Houses from each state and territory are pictured and discussed and this is a great place to start looking for inspiration if you are planning a complete rebuild or have large architectural ideas. 

Habitat Magazine

An often overlooked resource, this bi-annual magazine is a fantastic way to get inspiration and ideas for your next DIY project! Each issue follows a current trend or theme and has ideas for projects, colours to use when considering painting, unique ways to showcase your home and ideas for outdoor areas as well. 

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